We are thrilled to unveil a groundbreaking collaboration between Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) and KAP Film and Television Academy.

KAP, founded to bridge the gaps in Nollywood’s manpower development, stands as a beacon in empowering individuals with sought-after skills. From scriptwriting to cinematography, the academy covers an array of crucial aspects in TV and filmmaking.

As a result of the prevalent gender dynamics within the creative industry, this partnership aims to empower more women in traditionally male-dominated fields of TV production and filmmaking.

This partnership extends empowering opportunities to the WIN community, introducing scholarships for those keen on embarking on a transformative journey in the world of TV and filmmaking. We believe this collaboration will not only empower but also contribute to a more inclusive and diverse creative landscape.

Together, WIN and KAP Film and Television Academy aim to break barriers, empower women, and foster a more inclusive creative industry.