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Take your impact experience to the next level. We are seeking a Business Development Officer to lead and oversee functions across (but not limited to) relationship management, targeted initiatives as well as planning and monitoring of social media campaigns.

Principal responsibilities
1. Assist in research, design and implementation of projects
2. Write, edit and enhance presentations, newsletters, promotional materials
3. Participate in branding and promotional activities including press, sponsor management and student engagement discussions
4. Act as project front of house
5. Develop thorough understanding of the women empowerment/gender equality/SDG NGO space to identify areas for expansion
6. Build and maintain strong relationships with local/regional/multinational sponsors

Candidate Profile

Essential Qualities
• Passionate about non-profit initiatives
• Strong business acumen and entrepreneurial vigour
• Positive attitude
• Integrity
• Indefatigable work ethic – this role will regularly require a lot of work alongside senior management
• Self-starter. High initiative
• Clarity of thought and action

Knowledge, Skills and Experience
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills (in English)
• Proficient use of Microsoft Word ,Excel and Microsoft Powerpoint
• Strong organizational capabilities.
• Strong inter-personal skills, ability to interact effectively with sponsors, partners and colleagues

Interested applicants should send CV and cover letter to


We are searching for an experienced Fundraising Manager with excellent leadership skills and networking abilities. The Fundraising Manager will be responsible for building good relationships with prospective donors and clients across multiple sectors, communicating with the broader public and internal teams, delegating tasks, and drawing up plans to ensure annual targets are met. You should be well organized, proactive, and have the ability to inspire those around you.

To be successful as a Fundraising Manager, you should stay informed on marketing strategies, and be comfortable doing research on different sectors. A great Fundraising Manager should have sharp public speaking skills and be able to deliver presentations to a range of audiences.

Fundraising Manager Responsibilities:
1. Conducting research on fundraising opportunities.
2. Writing, submitting and uploading press releases as required.
3. Writing funding proposals and submitting these to potential donors.
4. Preparing quarterly budgets.
5. Coming up with ingenious ways to raise awareness.
6. Implementing a variety of marketing strategies and promotional campaigns.
7. Organizing and attending non-profit events and networking with relevant stakeholders.
8. Establishing good relationships with staff, members of the public, and the media.

Fundraising Manager Requirements:
1. Bachelor’s degree in PR, Fundraising, or any related field (preferably a Master’s degree).
2. 3-5 years of fundraising experience.
3. Previous experience in sales or marketing also acceptable.
4. Sound knowledge of the charity sector.
5. Experience managing a team.
6. Excellent written, verbal, and telephonic communication skills.

Interested applicants should send CV and cover letter to

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