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Justice is the foundation for gender equality and women’s empowerment. Inequality, discrimination and exclusion remain severe obstacles to human development in Nigeria. Women living in poverty and marginalized groups may not be aware of their legal rights and often lack legal protection and access to mechanisms to remedy their grievances, resulting in increased vulnerability.

All women need to be able to turn to fair, effective institutions to access justice and essential services. Without these, instability and injustice spread, and discrimination is perpetuated. In Nigeria, a variety of institutions continue to fail women and girls, especially through impunity for gender-based violence. WIN is calling on governments to show strong commitment and accelerate actions and policies to increase women’s access to justice and foster a responsive justice system that advances women’s equal rights, opportunity and participation.

Programs of Impact

Women in Prison Program
Welfare programs – Provision of relief materials and welfare materials to pregnant women
Counselling and Education program – Through counselling, education and support we have improved the mental health and well-being of women in prison.
Skill Acquisition Training – Helping ex-convicts find gainful employment and assimilate back into society
Access to Justice – Provision of Pro-bono legal aid

Women and Babies in Prison Campaign
Campaign to raise awareness of the poor conditions of pregnant women in prison and also of small children living in the prison with their mothers.

Your donation would help end hunger, save a life and give women and girls around Nigeria a fighting chance.
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