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Climate change is one of the biggest threats facing humanity today and poses a significant threat to Nigeria’s development ambition of meeting the Sustainable Development Goals . If left unchecked, global warming will cause adverse effects on livelihoods in Nigeria, such as crop production, livestock production, fisheries, forestry and post-harvest activities.

Nigeria ranks 11th in the world for plastic pollution with 65 million tons of waste annually. Its largest city, Lagos generating 821,000 tons of plastic every year, half of these is being discarded in the waterways.

Programs of Impact

Bag for Life (Reusable Plastic Bags)
WIN has introduced its Bag for Life, reusable shopping bag in order to reduce the amount of plastic consumption and waste in Nigeria. WIN has held skill acquisition trainings in deprived communities and IDP settlements teaching the women how to make these reusable shopping bags. This bags not only serve to reduce the amount of plastic pollution and thus reduce the effects of climate change, but they also serve as an additional source of revenue for women in these deprived communities.

Environmental Cleanup
Aims to keep beach, market and water ways clean in other to ensure maximum protection of human health. 2561 cigarette butts, 7820 plastic bottles, 2,810 plastic bags 571 Styrofoam, 1082 plastic straws at Elegushi beach Gorodum Market in Lagos and Rumouomasi Market, Port Harcourt.

Climate Education
Climate change has a disproportionate impact on women and children. WIN organizes quarterly environmental awareness talks, workshops and climate change campaigns.

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