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As result of Impact of COVID-19 on the economy and women owned businesses, WIN Academy mission is to upscale and advance women and girls by capacity building through virtual training &workshops. These programs include:

Entrepreneurship Program: In the world of today most especially in Nigeria, the rate of unemployment is on the increase and the jobs are not even available. At WIN Academy we educated over 576 women and girls

Digital skills for Her: WIN Academy educated over 400 women and girls on the importance of technology for the advancement of their businesses during the pandemic.

Self-defence Class: The impact of COVID led to the pause of activities in the economy which also led to the increase in domestic violence in Nigeria. WIN Academy virtual training empowered over 100 women and girls with the techniques to defend themselves when they are faced with violent situations.

Finance Talk: A lot of women in business actually do not know how to account for their finances in their businesses; they just believe there is no need to be financially accountable while in business. WIN Academy enlightened over 250 women and girls on how to keep accounting books for their businesses.

Business Talk: WIN Academy educated over 180 business women on how to pivot their businesses to suit the current pandemic state.

Dental Talk: WIN Academy educated over 170 women and girls on the importance of oral hygiene.

Health Talk: WIN Academy enlightened over 225 women and girls to be more aware of their health care during this pandemic.

Communication Talk: WIN Academy educated 321 women and girls on how to communicate effectively.

Your donation would help end hunger, save a life and give women and girls around Nigeria a fighting chance.
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