The Kirikiri Women Prison , Lagos welcomed the WIN team in June. The ladies of WIN arrived with various materials for donations ranging from sanitary pads, toiletries, slippers, soaps and clothes. The prison housed 295 women and 11 children were noticed to be living with their mothers.

The day started with a tour of the prison and a discussion with the prison warden. We then proceeded to the WIN Talks, consisting of the subject matters on empowerment, skill acquisition and manifestation. We urged them to focus on how they can integrate back into society after their prison term and to remain focused and not lose hope.

The WIN ladies listened to their various concerns, needs and aspirations and how the Women Impacting Nigeria Foundation may offer help to them to positively impact their lives as well as their families.

A one on one discussion was had with some of the inmates; first to determine personal concerns and then to identify the needs and desires of those in the prison. High on the list of feedback was that most of the inmates are awaiting trial and cannot afford legal fees. Another concern was the welfare of the children living in the prison.