Torture is the intentional destruction of a human being by another. The methods by which severe pain and suffering are inflicted vary, but they all have the same objective; to break a person, erase them as an individual, deny they are human

Torture is one of the vilest infringements of an individual’s basic freedoms. The casualties are most frequently people from marginalized groups (particularly women and girls), ethnic minorities, and those without power or any type of social insurance. Most survivors continue to live with the ill effects of torture such as post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), depression, uneasiness and other extreme psychological conditions, as a result of the intense fear they had to confront daily before seeking help.

Some experts think of abuse and torture as two sides of the same coin because, as observed in both cases, there is an intent to cause physical, psychological or emotional trauma in order to elicit certain behaviour from the victim, as some sort of sick punishment for an alleged wrongdoing, or as part of discrimination against marginalized groups. Many victims of abuse often describe the experience as torturous.

The United Nations General assembly in 1997 proclaimed the 26th of June as the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, with a view to the total eradication of torture and as an opportunity to call on all stakeholders to unite in support of victims of torture.

Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) has risen to this call and taken a stand against torture and all forms of abuse meted out on women and girls through some of her impact programs, which include;






In conclusion, Women impacting Nigeria (WIN) will give her very best to ensure that women and young girls are well-equipped to shield themselves from all forms of violence, abuse or torture and are able to live their best lives using the Sustainable Development Goals as a yardstick. Therefore, as we create awareness for victims of torture today, let us all take a stand and endeavor to support all them in every way possible.  To get involved in what we do, kindly click here





Written by Silver Chukwu || Medic and Content writer