How Tope Imasekha Is Empowering Small Business Successes For Women

The founder of Women Impacting Nigeria, 

Tope Imasekha, was recently featured by Amaka Studio for her role in empowering women owned businesses in Nigeria.

Tope Imasekha, through Women Impacting Nigeria has been facilitating financial inclusion and autonomy in Nigeria. Through her Widows Empowerment Initiative, Tope has empowered many widows and vulnerable women in Nigeria with grants to scale their businesses.

Her WEP Initiative has also equipped widows with financial and digital literacy skills. The target of this initiative are vulnerable women from low income communities who run small and medium scale businesses.

In 2022, the Widow’s Empowerment Program (WEP), was targeted at widows and vulnerable women living at Mende, Cane Village, Maryland. 

WIN’s Research and Development team discovered a community of cane weaving women who operate their cane weaving business on a small scale as a result of lack of access to financial products to grow their businesses.

A financial literacy training was held for these women and five of them were awarded business grants.

Just recently, on the 26th of August, the 2023 edition of this initiative was held in Shomolu, Bariga Lagos, in partnership with Beatrice Ado Kola-Balogun Foundation.

Tope remains committed to closing the gender gap in Nigeria by facilitating greater financial inclusion for vulnerable women and girls. Her passion is supported by like minded individuals, organizations and groups such as Beatrice Ado Kola-Balogun Foundation.

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