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Period poverty affects many women and girls across the country. 

Access to affordable and hygienic menstrual products is limited for many women and girls in Nigeria, particularly in rural and marginalised communities

Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN), as part of her efforts towards addressing period poverty in Nigeria and championing gender equality across the SDGs, has powered several initiatives to create awareness, educate and address the challenges of period poverty 

In partnership with Shades of Us Storytelling Initiative for African People (‘Shades of Us’). Shades of Us is a registered non-profit organization that uses storytelling to address the socio-economic issues affecting Africa, Africans, and

people of African descent.

According to reports from UNICEF, nearly 50% of girls lack access to proper sanitation facilities in schools in Nigeria. This exacerbates the challenges of managing their periods discreetly and hygienically.

There is also a lack of education and awareness about menstruation, menstrual hygiene management, and the importance of using proper menstrual products. This lack of knowledge often contribute to stigma, shame, and misconceptions surrounding periods.

Women Impacting Nigeria and Shades of Us captured this problem in a short film titled ‘FLOW’. This film delved into the lived experiences of women and girls navigating period poverty in Nigeria. It

shed light on their struggles, their coping mechanisms, and their resilience in the face of stigma and silence. 

The movie, ‘FLOW’ is a call to action, one that invites viewers to acknowledge the challenges of period poverty, celebrate the strength and resilience of women and girls, and collectively work towards a future

where menstruation is not a barrier but a source of empowerment, dignity, and well-being for all.

The movie was shot in… .on 29th of February with participants from WIN’s community acting as facilitators and educating the community women on the importance of women’s empowerment and menstrual hygiene. 

Other scenes showed the actors enlightening the community women on reusable pads and teaching them how to sew reusable pads. 

This Initiative went beyond the confines of the screen. At the screening event, the movie fostered dialogue, engagement, and action through panel discussions with filmmakers, public health experts, educators, and community


The movie will also utilize online platforms,

and community events to reach a significant audience and raise public knowledge about period poverty in Nigeria.

WIN’s commitment to eradicating period poverty in Nigeria was further amplified via FLOW. Since it’s inception, Women Impacting Nigeria has reached over 5,000 girls with Menstrual health education, free Dignity kits and continues to be an advocate of menstrual health.

WIN will continue to collaborate with other like minded organizations to make a difference in addressing period poverty, with the aim to ensure long-term impact in Nigeria. 

The award winning and impactful movie, FLOW, can be viewed here.