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WIN Summer School Progam

The WIN Summer school program, provides education and recreational activities for less privileged kids.

The aim is to make summer full of wonderful memories for those who are not able to avail these opportunities otherwise. We aim to inspire underprivileged kids to pursue education for a better life and that’s why we organised a fun filled and interactive summer camp.

This camp is designed in a manner that will give each child and opportunity to learn, explore and exhibit the creative flare they have got in them. The major focus on the camp is being given to English, Maths, Arts & Crafts, Music and Sports amongst the other activities available for the children.

Apart from educational activities, the kids are also being taught ethical and moral values. For better physical and mental development, they are also engaged in delightful games throughout the session. The summer camp is absolutely free of cost and provides free pick & drop facility, lunch, stationery and art supplies to all the students.

The Arts & Crafts module transports the kids to a colourful and imaginative journey of learning while having fun. The Music lessons give the children an enthralling experience of singing in a choir for the very first time. Likewise, the English sessions are meticulously planned to inculcate the basic understanding of Grammar, equipping the children for their future endeavours in English language

The camp centres on the idea of inclusivity children hailing from underprivileged backgrounds.

We believe that imparting education to this segment of our society would help us in bringing positive social change. Through this summer camp, our teachers and staff are dedicatedly inculcating learning, critical thinking and problem solving skills among these children. In this way, we are able to amplify their self-confidence.