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Women Impacting Nigeria Foundation (WIN) is a female-led, not-for-profit organization dedicated to women’s humans rights, gender equality and empowerment of women. WIN is on a mission on the empowerment of women, development of vulnerable women and girls in the segment of Education, Health and Advocate for more representation in politics for the growth and development of the country. A mission that will change Nigeria for the better, we believe that women empowerment and gender equality is critical to achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). We want women to lead, participate in government systems, have decent livelihood, income security, economic autonomy and live free from violence.


WIN aims to promote gender equality within the sustainable development goals. We do this by focusing our activities on strategic areas which directly impact the Nigerian woman and girl child. These areas include Education, Hunger, Livelihood, Technology, Abuse, Healthcare, Justice and Environment.




All women who are interested in the values and purposes of the organization are welcome to join, no matter what their views on religion or politics may be. When you become a member of WIN, you join hundreds of other smart, galvanized women who are focused on collective impact and lasting change. Join as a Member | Volunteer



We welcome you to partner with us. Together we can make a tremendous impact in the lives of women and children across Nigeria. We offer impact-orientated and community centered solutions and programs. Through your support, women and girls can rewrite their stories and empower their families and give back to their communities. Partner with us today!


WIN was founded on the ideals of Integrity, Hardwork and Team Spirit. We enjoy a global reputation for active community impact. Our programs and activities has been features in many local and international media platforms. We give women the opportunity of working together from gender specific perspectives to bridge the gender gaps through empowerment of women and the girl child.


I’m very grateful to WIN for their good work of service during this Covid period, it has inspired me in so many ways just seeing them give out to the society. We received hand sanitizers, face masks and hand gloves to our community from WIN and we are so thankful.

Khadija Usman

I really want to Thank WIN for the food items given to teachers in our community. And for the sensitization of Covid-19, we were so impacted.

Sandra Ache

Since I joined WIN in 2019, I’ve felt fulfilled being a part of this organization that support women and raise their voices in the community. WIN has impacted me in so many ways, through their trainings I’ve been able to learn a lot and gain certificates.

Elizabeth Alagbe (Volunteer)

Women Impacting Nigeria (WIN) is an organization that has touched so many lives and as a volunteer I urge the government to support to ensure our goals are attained. Since I joined WIN it has been a wonderful experience in all ramification, I have gained a lot just attending from their training other events. Thank you WIN for this platform.

Mrs Charity Amaka Ihejirika (Zonal Coordinator)

Thank you WIN for this opportunity, I got to learn a lot about the legal aspect of business. The training was enlightening and I gained lot from attending. Thank you for this platform.

Sylvia Amaechi
Your donation would help end hunger, save a life and give women and girls around Nigeria a fighting chance.
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