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Mentorship Program


Education is a basic human right and has been recognized as such since the 1948 adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. Educating girls contributes significantly to the development of a stable, prosperous and healthy nation state whose citizens are active, productive and empowered. However over 5.5 million girls are out-of-school (UNESCO, 2014), 40% women have never attended school (NPC, 2009) and nearly two-thirds of women in the North West and North East regions have no education. There are various cultural and socioeconomic issues that prevent women from having adequate access to education; Culture, values and tradition plays a huge role.

It is particularly helpful for women to be enrolled in mentorship programs or have mentors who have faced the same challenges they have so that they can have the skills necessary to be successful. A mentor who can empathise and is aware of the unique gender differences in career management also offers valuable psychosocial support by being a role model and counsel to her mentees.


Education is the key to unlocking the growth potential of our great nation Nigeria; this is why the education of children, especially the girl child is of paramount importance to Women Impacting Nigeria. In line with this, Women Impacting Nigeria has taken strides to start programs that empower females in the society. We currently have over 50 mentors are available for the WIN ‘One Woman, One Child’ mentorship program

WIN visited the Bethesda Girls School in the heart of Epe to embark on this program. A series of WIN talks were given on subjects ranging from finance and personal growth to hygiene and sexual education. Each mentor was assigned to a girl to answer the various questions and to counsel and offer support in any area of life.


Each child deserves a champion, a person that will never give up on them. The Overall goal of our “One Woman, one Child” mentoring program was to inspire and develop educational and career aspirations, reduce female dropout in primary school, increase the number of girls advancing to secondary school and to show the children that WIN cares about helping them achieve their goals and fulfilling their potential.

We also put in place a skills acquisition segment where the children were taught the art of Basket Weaving as a way of generating income in the future. The children fully engaged their minds and put their hands to work at this new skill and they excelled wonderfully with some making as much as 2 baskets within the 2 hours weaving session.