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Global AI Hub’s very first joint career opportunity in Partnership with Women Impacting Nigeria! Two organizations coming together with a passion with the joint mission of providing equal opportunity, quality education for all, and career paths for strong leaders of their community.

AI is the way of the future, and this joint Career opportunity will provide a lucky individual with premium access to Global AI Hub’s educational content, an internship or part-time job opportunity at Global AI Hub, and a Certificate that will be featured on our website and social media platforms.

Please apply to gain the opportunity to set yourself apart, establish yourself as a leader and example in your community, and become a shaper of your future.

To Qualify:
1. You must be a member of Women Impacting Nigeria
2. You must create a Global AI Hub profile account
3. you must have a desire and passion for AI and become a shaper of your future!

You must have completed your tasks by November 1st

Tasks To Get An Internship Or Part-time Job Opportunity at Global AI Hub
1. Create WIN Membership Profile
2. Create Global AI Hub Profile
3. You must complete the Introduction to AI Robotics and Data course and share your certificate of completion on your social media channels and tag @globalaihub and @womenimpactingnigeria
4. Invite at least 10 friends to join the platform as well with your personal referral link to the platform
5. Join at least 1 Country hub, and 3 technical and or business hubs
6. Upload your resume to your profile
7. Submit an essay telling us why AI is important to you, and how you think Global AI Hub can impact the future, your community, and lastly if you could change anything about the platform for the better what would it be.

What You Win With This Opportunity
1. Certificate to share on your social media profiles
2. A social media shoutout on Global AI Hub platforms and Women Impacting Nigeria Platforms
3. 1000 hub points giving you access to all of our premium courses
4. The opportunity to have an internship or part-time role at Global AI Hub

Your donation would help end hunger, save a life and give women and girls around Nigeria a fighting chance.
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