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As a member-led organization, we welcome public and private sector organizations to join us as implementing partners and corporate social responsibility (CSR) partners. Our partner membership is for mission-driven organizations, ready to implement sustainable development projects in line with our objectives. We believe in building a movement, and so we join efforts with our partners to co-design and co-implement projects. And we share learnings with our partners to continually address SDG gender gaps.

What it entails

  • This membership program facilitates a long-term relationship between WIN and its partners, spanning a year and upwards.
  • Our partners support with funding or any means of technical support including products and services for programs implementation
  • WIN also provides partners with technical assistance during programs delivery
  • This is an opportunity for collaboration on campaigns  as well.


  • Effective reporting and communication to keep partners updated
  • Co-publishing of reports, white papers, and relevant reference documentations to inform impact work in Nigeria.
  • Transparency for accountability between WIN and its partners
  • Insight into relevant gender equality and sustainable development data
  • Priority access to WIN signature events
  • Complimentary access to partners’ delegation to events
  • Feature on promotional materials

Next  Steps

Please complete the form below and we will be in touch shortly

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Your donation would help end hunger, save a life and give women and girls around Nigeria a fighting chance.
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