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What is our Goal?

We want women and girls to know that their issues are at the heart of what we do. We are looking for articles on topical issues – ranging from career to amplifying the different phases and faces of women and girls, to everyday gender inequalities that they face.

Our goal is to be enlightening and even provide insights that strengthen the work that other organizations do for women and girls. If you are experienced in writing on topics that border around our thematic areas – Poverty, Education, Health, Technology, Climate Change, Gender-based Violence, Economic Empowerment, and Justice, you have an advantage.

We are looking for contributors who are knowledgeable on issues that women and girls face. You may be a woman or girl yourself, a scholar, blogger, student, activist, storyteller, organizational leader, or just someone who knows what you are talking about. We are looking for article writers and people who can produce columns and periodicals.

We’re looking for articles that are:

  • Original and have not been previously published
  • Engaging
  • Well-written
  • Include examples or personal experiences
  • 500 – 600 words in length
  • We DO NOT want any article that is self-promoting, and articles that contain plagiarism.

Examples Of What We Are Looking For

– “Eight Important Ways To Promote Inclusion And Diversity In The Workplace
– “6 Ways You Can Make a Positive Change in Your Community
– “Untapped natural resource: The vital role of women in governance
5 Gender Challenges Nigerian Women Face


As a contributor, you will share an article draft of not less than 500 words in a word doc or google doc with our editor. Before the submission of your article(s), we advise that you go through the published articles on our website so that you don’t duplicate what may have already been published on a similar topic. After your article submission, it will be queued for publishing and you will be notified once your article is live. (Please avoid sending multiple drafts). Before publishing, minor changes may be made for lucidity, and the organizational style and tone, including the selection of befitting pictures to match the piece. Please include sources as hyperlinks and not references or footnotes. Usually, our organization will share the article across our channels once it is published, and authors can do the same.


Every author on our blog is given a contributor byline including a photograph and short bio with links to their social media handles.

Next Steps

Before submission, please complete the form below to become a contributor. You will be notified of further steps to submit your first draft. For further questions and inquiries, kindly send a mail to

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