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Career Talk

by Mercy Harold To start with, it is important to look into the definitions of the term Career for proper understanding  The word career has been defined in many books and by many authors. However, Wikipedia defined the term as ‘An individual’s metaphorical “journey” through learning, work and other aspects of life’.  Shows typically that career comes with a mixture of one’s life journey and work journey which falls down on the shoulders of one’s

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Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) and its Health Risks

By Adeniji Kehinde There was so much blood; Ida has always been one to lose much blood from even the smallest cuts and wounds. I have always been worried about my little daughter; every time she comes back with yet another wound, my heart goes out to her. My mother-in-law says I’m too soft on her; how can I not be? I love my daughter and I want the best for her; Those times things

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by Adesewa Alabi World Cancer Day is 4TH February every year and the theme for the 2020 World Cancer Day is “I am and I will ”. The aim of this year’s theme is to increase the personal commitment of individuals to reduce the impact of cancer. World Cancer Day was initiated by the Union for International Cancer Control (UICC) and their overall objectives are to sensitize people about the risk factors of cancer with

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Nigerian style “Me Too”: Women opt for martial arts over Marches

Women Impacting Nigeria was featured in an article by Reuters. The article talks about how women have adopted self-defense as a means to curb sexual and domestic violence. Some Nigerian women are breaking tradition to take self-defense classes, upset by one of the highest rates of sexual harassment in the country, lax law enforcement, and tribal tabuses that keep people quiet about gender violence……. Read full article on   

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Recently I visited my nephews’ school for the Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) meeting in place of my sister; their mother. I arrived at the school earlier than the said time and decided to do a tour of the classes and a little of the school grounds; ok, only a few classes actually as the school is a fairly large one. There was this class I stumbled on and listened in from the window. A young lady

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